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Armenian Costume
Raku Pottery by Zabel Belian
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Tulula of Troy: Repurposed Chair - Art Project
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"Zabel Belian - One Woman Art Show"
St. John's Cultural Center - Southfield, MI
Zabel Belian Watercolors: Armenian Costume Paintings
Opening Reception Location: Exhibit Continues
Thursday, Sept 26th
7pm to 10 pm
St John's Cultural Center
22001 Northwestern Hwy
Southfield, MI 48085
Fri - Sept 27th 6pm to 10pm
Sat - Sept 28th 1pm to 9pm
Sun - Sept 29th 1pm to 4pm
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Vibrant Abstract Painting: Untitled by Zabel Belian
(Sculpture by Richard Hunt )
  "Selected Abstract Artworks by Zabel Belian"

Currently on display: Selected abstract paintings by Zabel Belian. View the vibrantly colored painting and mixed media artworks of Zabel Belian - of the Belian Art Center in Troy, Michigan. Her beautiful pottery pieces are also available for sale. Sculpture by Richard Hunt and paintings by Edward Avedisian are also on display.

  Zabel Belian Artwork: Colorful mixed media montage   Belian Art Center Paintings: Capitalist Road   Troy Michigan Art Gallery: Helpiing Hands by Zabel Belian
  "Les Femmes"   "Capitalist Road"   "Helping Hands"