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Meet Tulula of Troy!

Zabel Belian and Linda Shears really let their creativity flow with this amazing transformation of a courthouse chair. They invested over 50 hours in bringing this chair to life. On completion she was given the name: Tulula of Troy!

The project began as a part of an art challenge presented by the Michigan Municipal League. Their theme was public art. Interested municipalities selected old courtroom style chairs to be decorated by each community's artists. The transformed chairs would be auctioned for charity.

Zabel and Linda added a wooden head, gloves, leopard glasses, shiny shoes, zany socks, silk scarves, earrings, a wig and much more. The detailed paint decoration is amazing and was inspired by earlier works created by Zabel, in addition to the fanciful chair characters from Linda's book designs. Artist James Homer Brown helped with the sanding, priming and final assembly.

Luckily, Zabel and Linda were able to place the winning bid and return the chair to Troy as a mascot for the Image and Arts Council.

Tulula is a real attention getter and has been on display at the Belian Art Center, the Michigan Design Center and at local designer shows.

Final Product: Tulua of Troy
Belian Art Center: Linda Shears:  Tulula of Troy - Repurposed Chair for Charity.  
Original Chair